Tribute to Sir Tom Jones


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I would like to introduce you to a SUPERSTAR and one of the most talented celebrity impersonators I have seen perform in the past few years. His name is Danny Owen and I saw him performing as Julio Iglesiaas and Tom Jones at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, his amazing performance is still talked about among agents in America. Having seen so many impersonators and look-alikes over the past twenty years, there are only  a few who make me stop... stare.. and marvel over. When he performed, the whole audience did. Not only that he turned out to be a very gracious man.
                  Bea Fogelman...writer and Broadcaster based in Las Vegas.
I have had the pleasure of working with Danny Owen on two seperate occasions. Once when he was performing as Julio Iglesias in Puerto Rico, and once as Tom Jones at The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. On both occasions he brought the house down. I have never had a client so excited and happy with a perfromance. On another note, Danny's professionalism is on a level that a booking agent can only dream about. His promptness, dependability and willingnes to honour client's requests, no matter how last minute, make him a joy ot work with.
    Scott Washburn,
      Executive Vice President of Baskow & Associates of Las Vegas
Danny is proof that Tributes can pay off. Since he appeared on Stars in Their Eyes, he has performed for Legends in Concert at The Imperial Palace Hotel in Las Vegas and Bally's Hilton in Atlantic City, as well as The Luxor in Las Vegas. What makes him even more remarkable is that although he has capitalised on his resemblance to Julio Iglesias... his voice is flexible enough to encompass Tributes of Tom Jones, Elvis and Neil Diamond with amazing accuracy.
                                                                       Peter Hepple The Stage ( UK)
Danny is an artist of exceptional talent and is recognised as one of the best impressionists in the business. This chameleon becomes so engrossed in the character that you really feel it is the person he is doing a tribute of , rather than Danny you are watching.
  Geoff Brownhut
  Major UK Event Organiser
Danny Owen paying tribute to Julio Iglesias is without a doubt one of the most successful and most requested by venue owners, that I have ever booked. Even though there are Spanish tribute artist to Julio here in Spain, I have yet to see or hear one who comes anywhere near to Danny's portrayal. His other tributes of Tom Jones, Neil Diamond and Elvis are also first class.
  Chris King
The Entertainment Machine Marbella

Video of Starry Night Laser Disco

Actual photo's of Danny's Disco Lasers and LED lighting !